How It Works
The headphones have an integrated flexible solar cell that covers the full headband which capture solar energy whilst out and about. The solar cell has a surface area of 55cm2 with a power output of approximately 0.55W. The energy is stored in two light-weight Lithium Ion batteries held within the two ear cups for a balanced weight and fit on the head. For those rainy days we have also developed the headphones to be able to be charged via USB directly from your computer or mains socket.
The headphones feature a lightweight and fully adjustable folding headband with custom developed ear-pads to ensure a comfortable fit for hours of gaming and music.
From the offset we not only wanted to develop a product to keep your devices going all day, but a product that would give you a superb sound from low range for bass, mid-range for precision DJ'ing and high range for vocal and acoustic excellence. The headphones also have an integrated remote for controlling the volume of the music in your ears.
Audio Specification
* Audio driver unit size: 40mm
* Impedance: 32 +/- 10% Ohm
* Frequency response: 20hz to 20kHz
* Sensitivity: 100 +/- 3 dB
Solar Specification
* High powered flexible solar panel (poly-crystalline silicon)
* 55cm2 active solar area
* Two Li-Ion batteries (1000mAh)
* Provide a full battery recharge for mobile phone
* 5.5v power output
Whats In The Box
* OnBeat solar headphones
* 1.5m audio cable with integrated remote (including usb cable clip)
* 6.3mm stereo plug converter
* Protective carry pouch
* Mains USB charger
* Product booklet